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Deprivation of My Rights Under Color of Law

To:  U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Criminal Section, PHB
Washington, D.C. 20530

Attorney General, Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

President Barrack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

National Reconnaissance Office
Office of Inspector General
Lee Road
Chantilly, Virginia 20151-1715


Subject:  Deprivation of My Rights Under Color of Law; Satellites are being used to Kidnap and assault Myself, My Family, and Others.

Please ask president Obama to use his executive powers to issue an order; and use some of the billions of dollars of black budget money to help myself and my family. After all, it was this type of money that is at the root of the cause of my problems.

This is a formal complaint being filed by me under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242, Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law. This complaint is being filed against some past and present members of Congress, past members of the executive branch, past and present members of White House staff, including but not limited to, George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, Bob Dole, Henry Kissinger, Trent Lott, John McCain, Harry Reid, Chuck Grassley, Orin Hatch, Richard Shelby, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Fienstien, John Kerry, Sam Nunn, Joe Biden,   the NSA, and the NRO, and whatever other acronyms or names that their networks of criminals are using. These individuals were entrusted with vast amounts of free money, and allowed to work in super secret environments so they could build our nations networks of spy satellites. Although the public was never informed about this, and is completely unaware, the satellite capability to see through rooftops and into buildings has been in use for decades. This technology, along with other space-to-ground technology has been used for decades to commit some of the most atrocious crimes in human history. Crimes are being committed 24/7, 365 days a year. The technology being used is invisible so the crimes have been very difficult to quantify and to detect.  The NRO and NSA are fully aware of these crimes and it would be very difficult, if not impossible for them not to be an accomplice.     

For the past few decades we have entrusted trillions of dollars to individuals in Congress so they could procure a safe and vibrant Democracy and enforce our Constitutional rights. Using secrecy as a tool to enrich and empower themselves, some members in Congress abused their positions of trust and misappropriated hundreds of billions of tax payer money. Instead of using tax proceeds to build schools and other badly needed infrastructure; much of the money was used to fund a global and secret government entity that built grids of super secret, ultra-sophisticated satellite weaponry. These satellites are being used around the clock against citizens to commit the most egregious crimes that one could imagine. I can attest to these crimes myself because these satellites have been used to obliterate the freedom and civil rights of myself and individuals close to me. The satellites that I am writing about can be used to see right through our roof-tops and into our heads and bodies. They can also deploy space-to-ground invisible, electromagnetic beams that are being used to assault us and to control our behavior. These satellites have been in operation for decades and the technology is in the advanced stages of development. Because of the invisible nature of electromagnetic waves, many individuals aren’t even aware that they’re being assaulted. For decades Congress have been lying and telling us that satellites could only be used to read license plates from space. The truth is though; they have had the satellite capability to see into buildings and other objects for a very long time.

I feel very uncomfortable sending my tax money to a secret cult of criminal weapons makers and may file a complaint with the IRS. I am positive that if the public finds out about these terrorist satellites, they will feel the same way as I do. Our government, in its present form, is neither a Democracy nor a government protected by the Constitution.  This is a cleverly disguised military dictatorship where individuals are wielding a tremendous amount of satellite power. These individuals are completely out of touch with the law and with reality.   

Many of the individuals operating theses satellites are seemingly of low class undesirable character and, in my opinion, could never make it to these heights in a normal competitive environment. With hundreds of billions of dollars of free money at their disposal, and access to some of the brightest minds on the planet, these lowly criminals have armed themselves with the best weaponry on the planet. This technology has been developed on huge secret military campuses such as Los Alamitos National Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin’s Sunnyvale Campus, and other national and international sites. These satellite weapons are being used to peer right through our roof-tops and into our heads and bodies. The satellites can also deploy invisible space-to-ground electromagnetic beams that are being used to harm us and to control our behavior.

There is evidence to suggest that the capability for humans to use satellites to see through and into buildings and deploy electromagnetic beams was in it’s infancy in the early 1960s. “The Zapping of America,” by Paul Brodeur revealed that, in the early 1960’s individuals working at the American embassy in Moscow were being zapped by invisible, penetrating beams. It has been common knowledge for decades that satellites could see through cloud covers. It is probably this same technology or a similar one that allows them to peer through roof-tops.

The first spy satellites were in orbit in 1960. If these reconnaissance satellites were only able to see information that was outdoors, that would have made them about 95% ineffective. Most relevant information is kept inside and hidden from public scrutiny. After a few days of watching trees grow in everyone’s yards, it’s only common sense that, in order to be able to get the other 95% of information, the operators of spy satellites immediately set out to be able to see through and into buildings. I personally know for a fact that satellites with the ability to see through, and into objects on earth were deployed and fully operational in the early 1980s. I’m also positive that it was much earlier than that. These satellites were also able to deploy many types of satellite-to-ground, invisible, penetrating beams.

For decades, the criminals hired by Congress have been using satellites to look through rooftops and into Financial Markets and the like. This virtually eliminated intellectual property, and guessing about financial markets, and gave a vast amount of power to a very small group of criminals.

One thing that everyday people don’t understand about satellites is that the downlinks on communications satellites in themselves are invisible, penetrating lasers with a scattered beam. By the time the signal reaches the earth based receiver, it is only a minute signal that is them amplified to a more powerful signal. All a person has to do is concentrate these signals and they would have a space based laser. This is what they have done. They added sophisticated tracking devices so they could follow us. No matter what you see in the movies, the large majority of lasers are naturally invisible. The electromagnetic spectrum, except for a thin band of visible light, is largely invisible to the naked eye. Filters are used to give laser beams their color. Satellite-to-ground lasers have been around as long as communications satellites have been. Using national security as shield, these individuals misappropriated hundreds of billions of the public’s hard earned money so that they could build offensive space weapons. They have used this huge hoard of money to create just about every type of invisible space-to-ground, or earth-to-space-to-ground, electromagnetic weapon that was possible. The satellite based lasers are many, and they can beam to earth just about every electromagnetic frequency there is.

The criminals that are behind these weapons have not only been using their satellites to peer into buildings, but 24/7, 365 days a year, they have been looking into our heads and bodies as well. They have been able to combine the see-through capabilities of their satellites, with the invisible, penetrating beams and tracking devices. These weapons are fully deployed, and have been for decades. From thousands of miles away, they have been able to use their grids of satellites to track us, see into our heads and bodies, control behavior, and create changes within us. These weapons are invincible. If they choose to they can use the invisible space-to-ground beams to attack any of our bodily organs and disrupt the functionality of them. They can incapacitate us and murder us, and even cook our brains and make us look stupid and incompetent. This technology is well documented on hundreds of websites, and in many books. The weapons are called Satellite-to-Ground Direct Energy weapons, Psychotronic, weapons, electromagnetic weapons, remote mind control weapons, non-lethal weapons, etc.

These weapons are being used for kidnap, assault and murder, and to control human behaviors such as; thought, eye movement, sleep deprivation, head movement, dizziness, orientation, speech, sexual arousal, etc. They are being used to disrupt the functions of bodily organs, such as the heart, brain, endocrine system, etc. One simple thing that they do is beam satellite-to-earth microwave frequencies at you and literally cook you or your internals. They can disrupt the normal function of your brain and other organs, and permanently or temporarily change the way you look and feel.

Remember, most of the victims of this technology have no idea that they are being assaulted. The satellites have probably been used these to murder Princess Diana, and other dignitaries and celebrities like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson couldn’t sleep. The individuals operating the satellites seem to be obsessed with sleep deprivation. I’m positive that the satellites are being used against unsuspecting women and children to commit assault, rape, and murder.

The culprits and their global counterparties have literally financed a system where they use these satellites daily to control, assault, maim, and murder us at will. Instead of helping us fight these weapons, some federal agencies have created a wedge where they protect these criminals and disallow the public our due process.    

This is an excerpt from Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich in an original Bill that he introduced in Congress in 2001: (II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations….

For some strange reason, Kucinich later removed this language from his bill. My gut feeling is that these individuals attacked Kucinich and his family with their satellites. This is how they operate. They viciously attack me, and even my wife and kid, when I make an attempt to get help. As with any criminals though, it doesn’t take an action to cause them to react and assault us. They are extremely comfortable with assaulting women and children as often as they attack men.

This is what this complaint is about. These individuals are using very powerful guns that were paid for by public funds to attack us with. They are acting under the Color of Law and pretending to be lawful National Security so they can procure hundreds of billions of dollars to build weapons that are nearly impossible to defend against. Then they are using these weapons to assault, murder, and control innocent law abiding citizens.

These weapons are in the advanced stages of development and the individuals operating them are very rich. They are in the advanced stages of human behavior control and anyone being openly attacked by the satellites will be shocked at how sophisticated these weapons are. They can peer into the world financial markets and have free access to a steady stream of free income. The wealth along with the criminal aspects of all of this has made these individuals very peculiar and unpredictable.

With all this power, it is corrupt power and it has left our system of government completely broken. We have massive corruption at all levels and, even with this amount of power, we still have double digit unemployment that is reoccurring every few years.

It is absolutely mindboggling what’s happening to me, my family, and many others and no one is lifting a finger to help. None of the many Federal agencies created to protect Americans are doing anything to stop it. My family and I, and other citizens, are in grave danger and are in desperate need of help.

It is well documented on many websites, books, and forums that individuals, acting under the color of law, are controlling human behavior from afar and are using remote electromagnetic weapons to attack American citizens. Many citizens are unaware that they are being attacked or manipulated. Some citizens are openly being attacked and used as subjects of the satellite experimentation. Regrettably, I am one of those citizens. They literally kidnapped me so they could track me 24/7, 365 days a week and do a variety of peculiar things to me. To prove to you how broken our system is, they first started beaming at me in 1982. I was just in my early 20s. The economy was in shambles then also. This has been going on for nearly 30 years and no one has done anything to stop it or make it better. It first started off as a friendly like beam on the left side of my head for the first day or so, and a few days later they were using a variety of invisible space-to-ground lasers to torture me viscously. They also constantly practiced controlling the behaviors of me and others around me. They controlled behaviors such as eye movement, things I said, my sleep, thought, sexual arousal, etc. They can also tap into the auditory system inside your head and tell you things. This capability is well documented in an experiment done by Dr. Joseph Cecil Sharp in the 1960s, and many others.

The torture with the lasers was violent for about eight years and it ruined my military career, and other goals that I had. It almost left me dead and homeless. I did what I had to save myself and was able to get out of the military and eventually find a good job. The attacks lessoned in occurrences and severity. Initially I thought they were using me as some sort of human nucleus to grow the economy. Many years later I think the torture is for a different reason. Many books, websites, and forums document this invisible torture, but none has theorized a reason for it. I now think they do it in order to kick start certain natural hormones, including testosterone, produced by their hypothalamuses and other organs. This in turn straightens their spines and makes them seem younger and more mature than they really are. As if their lives depended on it, their actions when torturing with invisible, penetrating lasers are desperate. Their actions are like one might expect from a drug addict who desperately needed a fix. I don’t know if they are trying to turn on a cocktail of hormones that normally occurs in human beings, or pass on some sort of metabolic waste. They have found a way to produce the results they want through remote torture. The longevities of many past and present individuals working on Capital Hill are abnormally longer than most people. Many in Congress look much younger, and more agile and alert than most others their age. President George Bush Senior and John McCain, among others, looked geekish when they were younger. They then transformed into 70 year old, stone faced mavericks. I was shocked to find out that Nancy Pelosi was soon to be 70 years old. Many individuals on Capital Hill are working until they are way past 70 years old. This could not be accomplished by using human growth hormones. If all this is true, and I’m  sure it is, that means that the satellite operators are keeping members of Congress, and others, in an invisible vacuum that is making them seem younger, more mature, and more intelligent than they really are. Some members of Congress are benefiting from the torture. This is no doubt a repayment for Congress funding tens of billions of dollars and then turning their backs on the egregious crimes that are taking place. Also, I’m sure that some members of Congress have friends and relatives that are operating these satellites. If Congress does anything to stop these satellite crimes, then some will begin to look much older and much less mature than they really are.

Remember, people wouldn’t follow others 24/7, 365 days a year and torture them for no reason at all. This is a very powerful and secret cult that has plans to never let the public know that they are looking through and into us with their satellites.

I think this website shows what they are accomplishing by torturing individuals:  they are keeping themselves like figure E. This in turn straightens their backs out and makes them much stronger. They deprive me of sleep so my persona looks like figure C, and even though they are much older, they are still stronger.       

Although it’s been very difficult, I managed to keep my good job and am raising my kid. Recently though, these individuals has become very aggressive and have destroyed hundreds of thousands in my family’s wealth, and has badly injured and even murdered people close to me. They are constantly threatening my job and my health. They have caused me to make the wrong decision on several important investments that would have made me a millionaire several times over.

Make no mistake about it. I’m not a rambling psychotic. If you saw the movie, the Manchurian Candidate, this movie was based off of a book about real life projects to control behavior. This was behavior control in its infancy. Decades ago many individuals had their lives ruined, and some were even made homeless, by secret government experiments to control their behavior with powerful drugs drugs.

The upper echelon of our government is fully aware of these weapons and the aggressive people behind them. They are aware of the existence of victims like myself. Because these criminals are so dangerous and could retaliate against close ones, and because revealing them will cause havoc in the financial markets, our government has chose to hide their existence.

I am asking the Justice Dept. and others to step up to the plate and do what you are supposed to do…. instigate justice. I have a wife and kid that are in great danger right now. Also, be aware that these individuals are living inside the heads and bodies of you and your family members also. They can use the invisible lasers on your organs to cause bodily changes inside of you that can harm you, or even make you look and act completely different. I am asking the Justice Dept and others to work together on this and contact Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich and knowledgeable individuals at the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Security Agency, and other related agencies. You should easily be able to verify the existence of these Space-to-Ground weapons. There is no way I could have known of the satellites capabilities to see through and control if this wasn’t really happening to me. Please ask President Obama if he’s aware of these weapons. There’s a good chance that he is.  After you prove that these weapons do exist, I’m asking you to force Congress and federal officials to bypass all their stupid Torts Act laws and appropriate the money to help victims like me in the same manner as they are appropriating these black budget crimes.  I’m not asking you to endanger yourselves and your families by attempting to prosecute these individuals.

I’m almost certain that this technology was not turned over to president Obama. This means that the office of the President has been seized and that President Obama is been held captive by satellites. If he tries to stop the perpetrators, himself or his family will definitely be harmed. They’ve used the satellites to try to embarrass him in public; for instance, while he was throwing a baseball at a major league game. I think that, on occasion, they may be trying to make him look stupid and immature.  This can easily be done by using microwaves to overheat his internal organs, such as him hypothalamus. 

The U.S. is one of the few major industrialized nations that does not belong to the European Court of Human Rights.  A U.S. membership of some sort would make it much easier to prosecute crimes of these kinds of abuse of power.    

Neither the satellites, the ability to see through objects using them, or even the space-to ground electromagnetic weaponry truly belong to these small handful of individuals who possess them.  These weapons were paid for by tax paying individuals and should be in the hands of federal law enforcement agencies and other agencies that represent the public good. In its present form, the U.S. is not a Constitutional based government and should not have the right to collect taxes from hard working Americans. A vast amount of this money is being handed to secret cults of dumb trailer trash so they can build satellite weaponry to be used against the people who are paying for it. The people behind these weapons didn’t invent them. They were too dumb. They were just opportunist that took this technology and modified it for their own evil objectives.

The NRO, NSA and other criminals with the satellites would love to keep things the way they are. They can collect hundreds of billions of dollars of free money and utilize it to build the perfect weapon where they can control people’s behavior, and get away with assault and murder.  On the other hand, any crimes committed against them are instant violations of the law and should be prosecuted aggressively. There is just a matter of time before these injustices won’t be tolerated and they individuals involved will be prosecuted for their crimes.

It is better to act now, to right these injustices. I have plans to file legal documents that will address the crimes being committed against myself and others. This process will be intended to expose this network of criminal satellites. Once made public, our financial system and, much of the country as we know it could all go up in flames. This is not my intentions, but may be a consequence of your own inactions.

Using satellite weaponry to commit crimes is no different than using handguns. This is truly the most ambitious and horrendous criminal acts that have ever taken place. None of you know how it feels to be tortured 24/7 for weeks at a time, even in the middle of the night when you’re trying to get some sleep… And then get up so you can make it to work the next morning. Sleep deprivation is one of these criminals’ main tools of torture and is well documented. They control many aspects of the victims’ life, including who they marry, sex with their partners, etc. Remember, this letter is not from some poor peasant in the outskirts of Tehran.  I’ve seen these individuals control, kill, injure and maim many other American citizens. Your lives may be in danger also.

I’m not going to file some stupid Federal Torts Act suit and, if I’m lucky and survive long enough, I might get $10,000 15 years from now.  I don’t plan on attending a long trial when a lynch mob armed with tens of billions of dollars of invisible satellite-to-ground laser guns are tracking me, looking inside me and my family, and assaulting us.

If none of you get off your high horse and lift a finger to help me out, then don’t look back later and say that you could have stopped what is destined to happen.  I’m not nearly concerned about Al-Queda as much as I am about my son growing up with invisible lasers inside of his head and body. Lasers controlled by people who are thugs and murderers. My plans are to go to the public with this information and attempt to get back what belongs to us; the satellite capability to see through objects.  If you fail to help to protect me, I will also reach out to other major countries that are civilized and not involved in terrorism. This letter will be sent to others also, and may be posted on the internet.

This system, as it stands, is completely broken. There are a slew of very expensive agencies that are at hire for our protection and none of them are protecting us from incoming, invisible, electromagnetic weaponry. The crust of our system is not a government. It’s a cult of weapons building individuals who think that they are above the law. Many of the Congressmen who appropriated, built, and are benefitting from these secret terror weapons may one day be subject to criminal prosecution. The satellites that these criminals are wielding, and the right to see through roof-tops, all belong to the public. The citizens of the U.S. and around the globe have no clue what has been going on behind their backs. When they find out, I don’t think they will take it too kindly. The financial system, as we know it, is extremely vulnerable to this kind of fraud. Also, in our society, the bad guy never wins. This time won’t be an exception. It’s just a matter of time before we round up the individuals with their herd mentality, take back what they have stolen, and revenge the pain that they have caused us.  A house with no foundation never stands for very long. 

There are literally dozens of books and thousands internet articles about these weapons. Here is the link to a video of a lady speaking about these weapons. Her explanation of the weapons is surprisingly correct: Http://

Here is one of the latest books on the subject:  “A NEW BREED-SATELLITE TERRORISM IN AMERICA”

Here is the link to a petition to band these weapons:

Here are just a few of hundreds of other links that has to do with satellite mind control:

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First of all, you need plenty of money. Hundreds of billions will do. Just tell the public that you’re the national security and find a cozy secret spot on the planet and spend like there’s no tomorrow. Over the decades, you spend trillions of dollars on military hardware. That is way more than every other country combined. You know you need a strong military presence to protect your criminal cult. You have hundreds of billions handed to you. You’re not too smart but you have the best minds on the planet being contracted out to you. Some on big secret campuses like the Lockheed Martin Sunnyvale, CA. campus. You build satellites that cost billions of dollars a piece. You secretly launch them in grids to cover the entire globe. These satellites can be used to see right through the roof, and into a person’s cerebral cortex, and brain stem.  These are the main control centers of the brain. Now you add on some tracking devices. The multi billion dollars satellites can deploy every frequency of space-to-ground, invisible, penetrating, electromagnetic laser weapon known to man. Over the decades, you learn how to control all sorts of human behavior. You can now control thought, eye movement, sex, appetite, sleep, consciousness, and movement of extremities, speech, head movement, and many other bodily functions. You can even zap internal organs and body parts to temporarily or permanently change the way a person acts or looks. You can even use microwaves to cook internal organs with.

Lasers are really old technology, because that’s what communications satellites, and radio and television broadcasting towers use anyway. The signal is just more scattered than a laser. By the time the signal gets to your radio, television, etc., it’s just a tiny invisible signal. Your electronic device uses amplifiers to boost the signal to a usable level. Unlike what you see in the movies, lasers are naturally invisible, because the electromagnetic spectrum is mostly invisible.

 After decades of looking into people’s heads and bodies, you learn how to control their behaviors really well. Not only that, you learn what makes them who they are.  By experimentation, you find out how you can put yourself in an electronic vacuum and torture others thousands of miles away with electromagnetic weapons. The results are; it makes your skin tone thicker and younger looking. All you need now is some individuals to torture. You want them young, because in the end you want to torture them really good for a few years, and that will really make you look like a maverick. Not only that, you need people to practice your remote control on. You literally kidnap these individuals with satellites, and track them 24/7, 365 days a year. It works great. The only thing is, now you’re a drug addict that can’t go back to the way you really look.

Now you’re truly are independent. You not only look good, but you and your secret cult are the only ones that can use satellites to see into the financial markets and get first hand inside information.  You’re on top of the world. You make billions of dollars and send it to take free havens off the coast. You and your clan of satellite gang bangers hang around your secret control centers and, using the financial exchanges, you make money all money you want. You spend your free time controlling sports events, etc. and controlling the lives of celebrities and others unsuspecting individuals. Michael Jackson and Princess Diana may have been rich, but they had no clue that they were in grave danger. You can and did use the satellites, paid for my government funds, to control their behavior, and the behaviors of many others.

One thing you are sure of is your position seems invincible. If anyone tries to get to you, they will be dead or maimed long before they do.

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We finally figured out why they are using the direct energy weapons to attack and torture us with invisible, penetrating beams. This is a dramatic game changer.

We all know that they want to be able to see into our heads and track us and control our behavior. That technology is in its advanced stages. The government has been telling us for the last 50 years that they can use their satellites to be able to see black and white still images of a license plate. The truth is though, that this technology has advanced more than most. Not only have they been able to see inside our homes for decades; they have had the satellite ability to track us and control our behavior with invisible penetrating beams also. Remember, 95% of all vital information is indoors.

Lasers have been in outer space as long as communications satellites. All you have to do is concentrate the downlink on a communications satellite and add tracking capability and you have a space-to-ground laser. There was hundreds of billions spent on this technology that is now in its advanced stages.

We know they are torturing us, but no one ever questioned why. No one is going to track someone and torture them 24/7, 365 days a year for no reason. If you look at past photos (younger) of some of the past and present MAVERICKS on and near capital hill, you will see that these persons are not who they use to be. Some of the name include: the Bushes, the Clintons, Joe Biden, John McCain, Harry Reid, Chuck Grassley, Orin Hatch, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Richard Shelby, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Bob Dole, Sam Nunn, Richard Nixon, and many more. The longevity of these individuals is off the charts. George Bush Senior and John McCain were both geeks in their younger days. The torture is making them look younger and more think skinned than they really are.

Once the ability of satellites to see though objects, and space-to-ground laser weapons become public property, like they should be, these individuals are going to look like old puss heads. These actions are being perpetrated by a cult of desperate dope addicts trying to make they look younger and more mature.

I’m looking to file a lawsuit to demand these satellites become public property since we are the ones that paid for them. If any mind control organization wants to have their name on this lawsuit, please contact me by email.

Any government spies that are spreading nonsense propaganda please refrain from your absurd comments. We all know there are satellites looking through the roof at us. It’s going to become public knowledge wither you like it or not.

On the surface it looks like a few isolated cases of satellite-to-ground, invisible electromagnetic wave weapons being used for torture and to control peoples’ behavior. This is much more than that. This is an entire system based on satellites looking through roof-tops and into peoples’ minds and bodies. While it may be illegal for you to do inside trading, looking into financial markets is the big boys 9-5 job. Stealing trade secrets is the systems number one priority. We have Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, every major drug invention, an economy that’s three times as big as the second biggest. You’re investing your money on the ability to secretly look inside.

Our satellites can be used to control all sorts of behaviors, including sleep, eye movement, thought, speech, sexual arousal, limb movement, head and neck movement, etc. They can see through your roof, and into your head and body. They can beam you with every frequency known to man. The ability to see through objects using satellites belongs solely to the U.S and the U.K. If anyone else tries to build similar technology their spacecrafts will never make it into orbit. Anyone get in their way and the U.S. will assault them or their family members with their arsenal of invisible, penetrating, space-to-ground electromagnetic weapons. They can be used to destroy or damage internal organs, riddle your body with cancer, cook you with microwaves, alter the way you look and feel, easily cause you to get into an automobile accident. This is like the perfect crime weapon. There are hundreds of things they can do to you and leave absolutely no evidence that a crime was committed.

The human anatomy only has a few major control points, most of them in the head and brain stem. This is actually relatively simple technology. The U.S. has a military budget that is $700,000,000,000. China is second with 1/7th of that. China’s entire budget is only 1 1/2 times our military budget. Anyone with that type of military budget could build satellites to do anything that they wanted. Our deficit is of our own making. This is “jacking” of personal property on grand scale. Europe and other countries are aware of this technology being used to see inside of them… What they plan on doing about it is anyone’s guess.




3. THE ABILITY TO RECORD, ON THE GROUND MOVEMENTS OF PEOPLE, AND SAVE THEM IN DATABASE. They will be able to record what we do on earth and go back years later to see what happened!!! It’s happening now. Just look at Satellite View on Google Maps. This is a very important technology that belongs to law enforcement.

I don’t know the exact mechanics of how it’s done but this is what their after. They are living in an electronic vacuum. This website shows what they are accomplishing by torturing individuals:  they are keeping themselves like figure E. This in turn straightens their backs out and makes them much stronger. They torture us and tap into our brain stem to deprive us of sleep so our persona looks like figure C. Even though they are much older, they still younger and stronger.









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